Carbon Footprinting & Reporting

Identifying your business’s carbon footprint is the start of an effective carbon and energy management strategy, and may be required for regulatory purposes or voluntary reporting. It can yield valuable insights into the relationship between energy and fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions and business activity. We work with you to design, develop, manage, report and verify your business’s carbon footprint. As a business, knowing all about your carbon footprint will help you:

  • Meet requirements of regulatory and industry frameworks such as the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme or the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • Set targets and track environmental, financial and other corporate goals
  • Identify opportunities to optimise processes, address operational inefficiencies, reduce waste and cut costs
  • Estimate project-specific emissions and alternative scenarios
  • Participate in environmental programs such as Watt Savers, ecoBiz, CitySwitch, or go carbon neutral
  • Register a project and generate recognised carbon offset units to participate in the Emission Reduction Fund or voluntary carbon markets
  • Integrate carbon and energy reduction approaches with existing corporate social responsibility initiatives to develop integrated sustainability outcomes
  • Differentiate the business and improving corporate reputation and accountability by providing relevant information to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders

A baseline assessment is the first step and Conversio works with you to measure your carbon emissions against industry standards and design a tailored process for your business from the outset to provide relevant information to a variety of users. Conversio can also provide independent validation and verification in accordance with ISO 14064-3.