Carbon Neutrality

Conversio will guide you through the process of becoming carbon neutral. An analyst for Low Carbon Australia Limited, Alex played a key role delivering the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard Carbon Neutral Program, working closely with businesses pursuing carbon neutral certification.We know the world of emissions and offsets like the back of our hand. We clarify the process so you can be confident about reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint.

The term “carbon neutral” refers to the activity of measuring greenhouse gas emissions relating to your organisation’s business activities and/or a specific product’s manufacture, transport, use and disposal and offsetting the impact of those emissions with carbon offsets. These carbon offsets are created from projects that reduce carbon emissions relative to normal business-as-usual activities. Offsetting emissions through the purchase and retirement of a corresponding number of carbon offsets will result in zero net emissions being released to the atmosphere.

To become carbon neutral, best practice requires your organisation to:

Going carbon neutral:

  • Can be used as a way to internalise the cost of carbon and anticipate future legislation
  • Provides a standout feature for your business in a competitive marketplace
  • Creates raised awareness of your business or product and an opportunity for promotion of your business or product as a more sustainable alternative
  • Provides recognition of your business’s commitment to voluntary action
  • Expands greenhouse gas accountability, transparency, and management in your supply chain

Conversio is also the first Australian business to have joined the UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now initiative, measuring, reducing and offsetting its carbon emissions.