Aviation Services

Conversio provides you with measurement, reporting and verification services. Find the services you need for meeting CORSIA compliance.

Conversio is a Brisbane-based carbon accounting and reporting consultancy. We support you by providing carbon footprinting, reporting and verification (MRV) services for your airline’s participation under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

What is CORSIA?

CORSIA is a global market-based measure designed to support the international aviation community’s efforts to stabilise international aviation CO2 emissions and achieve carbon neutral growth from 2020 onwards (CNG2020). CO2 emissions will be offset through the acquisition and surrender of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission units from the carbon market by aircraft operators.

Unlock cost-saving opportunities with a structured approach to carbon and energy management. We help you deal with rising energy prices, climate policy and compliance obligations by assessing energy use and carbon emissions. We provide a bespoke carbon and energy strategy for your business so you can reach your sustainability goals.

What Conversio can do for you

Readiness Assessment

We support you by clarifying CORSIA requirements and assessing whether your Emissions Monitoring Plan is ready for submission to the relevant state Civil Aviation Authority.

Carbon footprinting services

Conversio provides assistance with estimating GHG emissions from your international operations and developing a CORSIA-compliant GHG inventory for submission to national bodies and ICAO based on ISO 14064 – Part 1. We can also provide guidance on eligible carbon offset units and the use of the CORSIA CO2 Estimation and Reporting Tool (CERT).

Software package reviews

Considering the use of an off-the-shelf software solution? Let us help you assess what products are out there, how much they cost, and how they compare to an in-house developed, bespoke solution.

Development of standard Monitoring, Reporting and Verification operating procedures for airlines

We support your airline with identifying roles, responsibilities and training needs of relevant personnel, and clarifying your expectations and timelines.

Verification check

Conversio sets up and supports internal audit activities in preparation for independent verification in line with CORSIA’s three-step verification approach. Verification on emissions data is important to ensure the accuracy, relevance and consistency of data and to identify any material errors in the aircraft operator’s annual Emissions Report. This service will be conducted in accordance with ISO 14064 – Part 3.